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Why the Wavestorm is My Go-To Summer Board

Summertime is my absolute favorite time to surf. Nothing beats the warm water, the relaxed vibe in the air, and the sand on your feet as you sit down for a post-surf session burger. Like a double-double from In-N-Out, or a California burrito from the local Mexican food joint, there is one board I can always count on to deliver a solid summer surf. My 8-foot Wavestorm never leaves my car during the summer, and I’ll tell you why.       

It Works in All Conditions

I don’t always know exactly what the conditions are going to be like when I go to the beach during the summer and I don’t always know how long I will be there, but I know without a doubt that my Wavestorm will work in any conditions thrown at it. Whether it is knee-high and blown out, well-overhead and blown out, or perfect hurricane quality conditions, my Wavestorm has seen it, and consistently delivered an amazing surf session because it always works. It may not be the highest performing board out there, but it will drive through onshore chop like a dream and get in early in big waves. I can always count on my ‘Storm to get plenty of fun waves. 

I Loan It to Friends and Family

If you are anything like me, summertime means family and friends visiting and wanting to learn how to surf. There is no better board for this purpose than a Wavestorm. Not only is it an excellent board for learning to surf, but it is well-priced and durable. I don’t even need to think twice before lending out my Wavestorm to friends or packing it in my in-law’s rental van on top of the beach chairs. It handles abuse way better than a fiberglass board and is relatively easy to repair at home. Plus, Wavestorms are the ultimate party-wave board.  

It is Easy to Ride

The Wavestorm is incredibly stable and paddles into waves better than just about any board out there. This makes it one of my favorite boards to ride during the summer, and even year-round. The ease with which it surfs is perfect for summertime because it brings the focus on having fun.

It is Soft

Summertime means crowds of people gathering at the beach. Occasionally surfboards get loose and there is the possibility of it running into someone. Wavestorms are made of foam, which is a lot softer on impact than a traditional fiberglass surfboard. With kids and others wading in the shallow water, it’s a good idea to play it safe and ride a foam surfboard to prevent serious injury to others.

No One Ever Had a Bad Session on a Wavestorm

I’ve never heard of anyone having a bad surf session on a Wavestorm. It rides smooth and easy, paddles quickly, and allows me to catch tons of waves. Most important of all, the Wavestorm brings my focus back to having fun. To me that is what summer is all about, and that’s what keeps me going back to my Wavestorm time and time again.


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5 Useful Tips for Maintaining Your New Wavestorm

Just finished unwrapping your brand new Wavestorm surfboard and want to make sure it lasts as long as possible? This article is for you. A properly maintained Wavestorm can be one of the best surfing investments you make, bringing you years of carefree surfing pleasure. As with any sport, taking care of your surfing gear and especially your board, is a must.  Use these five tips to keep you Wavestorm in top shape throughout its life.

Always Check the Fin Screws Before Entering the Water

As is true for any surfboard, the most important thing you can do for your Wavestorm is keep water out of the inner core. Once water has been soaked up into the center the board will become waterlogged, heavy, and unstable. This will eventually cause the board to deteriorate and fall apart. The easiest way to prevent water from seeping into the core is making sure the fin screws are very tight and create a watertight seal with the skin of the board. Before every session use a coin or key to tighten the screws down.

Repair Any Holes in the Skin

Occasionally, you may find a hole in the outer skin of your Wavestorm. When this happens, you will want to fix the hole as quickly as possible. Avoid surfing while the hole is unrepaired, as this could allow water to seep into the core of your board. Luckily, repairing small holes in your Wavestorm doesn’t require a trip to your local ding repair shop. All you need to fix the hole is some hot glue or marine caulking. Plug the hole with either substance and make sure it dries completely. A properly repaired hole should stay sealed throughout the life of the board.

Store Inside and Out of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is bad for all surfboards and will cause delamination of the deck from the core of the board. This is true of Wavestorms also. When not using your board, it should be stored indoors in a garage, shed, or home, and kept out of the reach of direct sunlight which could cause the board to delaminate. Storing your board indoors versus outdoors could equate to years of extended board life.  

Don’t Strap it Down Too Tight

If you strap the Wavestorm to the top of your car or back of your truck when traveling to the beach, make sure the straps aren’t done too tight. Straps that are tightened too much will dig into the edge of the board, and press holes into the skin. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. If you need the board to be well secured for driving on the freeway, place something soft like a towel or t-shirt in between the strap and the board. This will help spread the pressure from the strap across a wider surface area, limiting the damage the strap will cause to the board.

Don’t Drop it or Drag it on the Ground

Dropping your sporting equipment is never a good idea, and surfboards especially. Surfboards are built to withstand a beating by the water, but not by the hard and rough ground. Avoid dropping your Wavestorm on the ground or dragging the board on the ground as you carry it. Doing so would be a quick way to wear down the skin and allow water to leek into the center.

Putting these tips into practice will help ensure your brand new Wavestorm surfboard lasts as long as possible. Have any other ideas for maintenance? Drop us a message! #Gowavestorming


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The Takeover

If you ask most surfers what their dream wave would be, chances are they would describe an empty lineup, void of the typical weekend crowds that dominate most popular surf breaks. The reason is us surfers are generally a stingy bunch. When there are only a limited amount of waves per day at each break, and surfing rules dictate only one surfer is allowed to ride in each direction on a wave, it is only natural for people to seek out uncrowded lineups where they have a better chance of catching their fill. Less crowd equals less competition for the limited supply of waves.

Ask a surfer if they would ever want to surf with 300 other guys at a wave with a single peak, and they might think you are crazy. However, crazy might be the best word to describe a “Takeover”, an event where surfers flock in droves in order to catch waves being ridden at the same time by dozens of other surfers. At a takeover, surfing rules are tossed out the window and anarchy presides. This may sound like a nightmare to some, but if you’ve ever had the fortune to attend one you would have noticed at least one other thing along with the “oohs” and “aahs” of the crowds that gathered on the beach to watch. There are nothing but huge, beaming smiles on everyone’s faces.

One attendee at a recent takeover held at Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad, California dramatically declared after exiting the water, “That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had surfing.”

What causes this pervasive happiness at these events? Why does everyone talk in the lineup while waiting together for the next party wave? Surfers usually keep to themselves in the lineup, unless they are very familiar with other nearby surfers. Not the case at a takeover. Everyone is talking, laughing, smiling. There is a warm feeling in the air. You can’t quite describe it. It feels like a huge family reunion, where you are comfortable with people around you that you have never met before because you know you are of the same blood. It feels like getting your old group of friends together. You have all changed into different people, but there is still that instinctual familiarity that kicks in and takes over the thick crust you have built up over years of life. This feeling is a good one, one that some would even argue trumps making it out of a perfect barrel.

Is it the fact that the basic rules of surfing are nearly completely disregarded, and their place taken by the simple rule of Soft Tops only? Is it the fact that all the surfers attending share the common goal to just catch as many waves as possible and try to make it out without getting run over by someone on the next wave? One can only guess.

We may never know what causes this radiating happiness, but it doesn’t matter either.

What matters is that these events are happening, and they are breathing fresh air into the wheezing lungs of the surfers that are tired of the protocol of not looking other surfers in the eye in the lineup. They are revitalizing the excitement of surfing for the many who are sick of being told how they should be surfing, and what they should be riding. And they are bringing back the smiles that we all experienced as we finally stood up and rode on our very first waves.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a takeover, even if you have to drive several hours or take off work, Go! Wax up your Wavestorm, put your smile on, and get ready for the time of your life.

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