Storm Blade

Storm Blade was founded in 2006 as a brand created for Drop in Fun!
Developed and tested on the sunny beaches of Southern California, tropical lineups of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as internationally renowned beach breaks. Storm Blade was meant to introduce the spirit of surfing and outdoors to those who seek the thrill of taking the drop on their first wave or share family fun with products mindfully designed with quality components and authentic intention.
In 2014 Storm Blade introduced its SSR® collection to surf schools in the Southern California regions. The surf instructors demanded a product that could handle the rigors of the intense outdoor climate, provide a safe and efficient platform for learning to surf, and focus on the ‘first stand up’ experience that hooks participants into the lifelong habit of surfing. In 2020 Storm Blade will introduce it’s real time innovation in the newest of SSR® boards. Proprietary EBS™ (Extruded Barrier Skin) top decks and layered reinforcement specifications have been coupled with world-class shapes, generous volume, and consistent rocker lines. The SSR® collection has also split into two categories. Our classic “first-up” designs are meant for easier standing and foot placement training. The performance designs take learn-to-surf the next level and provide narrowness to practice bottom turns and pivoting on the tail.
A lineup of classic surfboards, performance short boards, stand up paddleboards, and smaller recreational boards complete the specialty range.
Our focus remains on the quality of what we create. Every detail down to the creation of the core is carefully tended to and the efficiency in which each board is crafted.
Storm Blade is available in over six countries currently and continuing to grow as more find the positive and exciting disposition that surfing brings to each of its patrons! Enjoy the Storm Blade experience with Drop in Fun!
Wave Pools

There is something to be said about a perfect wave. For many surfers, it's an endless search throughout a lifetime filled with disappointment and missed windows. For those who live in Lemoore, CA a world-class wave is just around the corner. Kelly Slater's wave pool, the Surf Ranch is 700 meters long, 150 meters wide, and it's a sight for sore eyes. The wave is created by large metal hydrofoil submerged in the water and attached to a train-like vehicle that gets pulled down a track by a cable at speeds of 30 kmh (19 mph). It's a modern marvel that makes you scratch your head and wonder what the future of surfing holds.


Wave pools are starting to gain momentum these days. The wave pools offer an allure that cannot be found in an ocean setting such as consistency in wave count, form and size. Premium seating for spectators and easily attainable amenities for viewers and competitors alike is another bonus. Their popularity has reached a truly international interest. These crafted artificial waves have been built in countries such as China, Dubai, Spain, Australia, Japan, and the United States to name a few.


Complete with regulated water temperature, seaweed free, and wild sea life free (ex. sharks, jellyfish, water-dwelling snakes) some may say that wave pools are the future. Others might hold a different outlook. Surfing is much more than how you ride and piece of crafted foam atop a wave. Surfing is a spiritual experience accompanied by utter fear and self-doubt. Surfing tests those who enter the water and constantly humble those that think they have conquered the sport. With one set of complications removed, it makes way for a completely new and untested realm of obstacles. It is understandable why a wave pool stop has been included in the WSL (World Surfing League) championship tour.


Some may argue that surfers may not feel complete after a day of riding an artificial wave however competitively there is consistency and predictability with surfers not having to depend on Mother Nature. A perfect wave evens the playing field. When all the waves are identical competitors can be judged on their talent alone. It may be a cast of luck that sends a perfect set to a competitor during their heat. Other unlucky competitors are sent “ankle-snappers” which are smaller waves leaving surfers desperate trying to get a decent score. 


With the man-made perfection of 6 foot peeling waves at Kelly Slater's Wave Ranch booting up surfers are challenged to concoct a scripted wave run while all the meanwhile attempting to make this display of routine looked unplanned and unpredictable. This can create a new facet for competition surfing. Stay tuned and let us know what you prefer: the ocean or wave pool?

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