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Welcome to AGIT Global
AGIT Global is one of the world’s premier developers of modern foam technology for the sporting goods sector. Located in Caotun, Nantou County, Taiwan, AGIT Global’s factory hosts these programs: product development, procurement, creation of foam composites and components, world-class manufacturing, and global disbursement of manufactured goods. Every project, whether it is for the premiere specialty market or a wide release marketing effort, is given careful consideration by our team of experienced advisors. AGIT Global is driven to relentlessly seek excellence through innovation, market expansion, and involvement within the sporting goods community. We are committed to creating an environment where our employees, customers, and suppliers can achieve their business goals.


AGIT Global, with a combined 4.1 acres of manufacturing and warehousing area, can easily accommodate your next project. Let our technicians at AGIT consult you on lead times, material option, and provide you a quotation for your needs. Our units meet a high standard of detailed output and our machinery units have been designed so that you may meet the critical standards you have placed for your products! We have capabilities of working with foam (PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE foam….), high impact and extruded plastics, metal/aluminum/tungsten, carbon fiber. AGIT also has the capability of manufacture raw material for your project needs as well. Our facility prides itself on self reliance as many of the materials are proprietary and are created in-house. Please feel free to consult any of our project managers for pricing and quotations.


Agit believes in a clean, safe environment. Our major focus through our production and distribution management is to reduce our carbon footprint. After all, how can we enjoy the ocean and surf culture with high pollution? Every step in our production is aimed at minimizing our effect and waste with a carefully planned Recycling project that runs throughout our entire facility and company infrastructure.The facility features a sustainable water purification refuge, organic gardens, and an indoor air-cooling waterfall. These compliment that factory layout so ideas can flow from project creation to maintain the efficiency of manufacturing. All of our employees share the same vision as our company to respect our surroundings and care for the environment. Help us share this vision through the support of nature and wildlife charity foundations in your local area.

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