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AGIT's Top 5 Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays from AGIT Global!  Gifting can be hard, so we’ve rounded up some of the most experienced people on our team to tell us what their favorite AGIT products are. Each office member is encouraged to try each model we sell, ensuring that we’re experienced with our own product...Rough Life!  Withoutfurther due, AGIT’stop 5 recommended Holiday gifts:




"My favorite item has to be the 7ft Storm Blade Surfboard. The volume is generous and this board will fit into most cars without a set of surf racks! Just set your side seat low and kick your surfing buddy to the back while your new ride sits shotgun. I have found the 7ft model to be just short enough to scoop on a drop and still track down the wave with drive and speed. It's a gift that will see mileage in the winter surf and summertime cool off sessions."


“The 7ft boardgives a total longboard type feeling. It's easy to cruise, make sections and catch plenty of waves even on really small gutless days."




"I love riding the 5'6" swallow tail!I am a smaller person and have always been a shortboard surfer. When I get on our 5'6" swallow tail I find they have plenty of volume and are easy to paddle, catch waves and do floaters and cutbacks etc. and just have a good time when the waves are small to medium in size."




"My favorite AGIT product to ride is the Wavestorm 5'6 Swallow Tail… it has enough volume in the nose making it easy to paddle and catch waves while still being able to be surfed with a good amount of performance.  It is also very fast down the line and a unique shape that most surfers don't know it even exist.  I also like the turquoise deck option color.  The board is very durable and easy to transport, also it's perfect for the small summer days when you can't shortboard but still want to get wet and have fun!"




“The Storm Blade SSR surfboards are the perfect learn-to-surf surfboard! Perfect for beginners, teaching friends and family  and even as a surf instructor side gig!  They are easy to carry with the convenient carrying handle and their volume make it easy to get up on your first wave.“




The buzzword for this board is “cool.” Possibly AGIT’s coolest board yet is the SUP Kayak Hybrid coined SUPYAK. This board is accessible at all levels, with the ability to take it easy stand up and paddle. Easy to switch mid session, there’s always flexibility in how far you want to go and how hard you want to work. Those of us who have ridden the SUPYAK can’t stop singing itspraise!




This holiday season, we wanted to make gifting worth while! Find your Wavestorm Longboard Bundle, Storm Blade Shortboard Bundle and No.6 Bodyboard Bundle all equipped with the full AGIT surf essentials. Hand picked, these bundles have been specially chosen to be the perfect fit for all levels.  


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10 Iconic Southern California Surf Spots
Home to endless sunny weather and shorelines that catch nearly every swell direction, Southern California is a surfer’s paradise. With such a wide variety of consistently rideable waves throughout the year, from fast and hollow reef breaks for short boarders to slow and lengthy sand-bottom point breaks perfect for a Wavestorm, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.
For all of us to have the best possible experience, it is critical for everyone entering the water to become familiar with the waves around them. Studying and observing waves, winds, swell patterns, tides, and the many variables that affect our local beaches has been a longtime tradition of the surfing community and continues to define how we play in the ocean. Endless information is available on the internet about waves around the world, but no matter the conditions, you can bet that at least a handful of the following Southern California surf spots will have fun, rideable waves any given day of the year. 
Doheny State Beach, Dana Point
This iconic sand-bottom point break is arguably the best place to learn how to surf in Southern California. Friendly crowds and long, gradual waves make this spot inviting to even the newest and most timid surfers. The wave itself can become pretty crowded, but if you aren’t afraid of sharing some “party waves” with several other surfers, you will have an absolute blast here. Being a right-hand point break, there is plenty of room to paddle out on the south side of the wave, away from people surfing. Average wave heights at this break run knee to chest high, perfect for a Wavestorm or longboard. Bring a foam board (to avoid hurting others should you fall) and your buddies and have one of the best carefree sessions of your life. Afterwards, head over to Lupe’s for some of the best tacos and burritos in Southern California. 
The Wedge, Newport Beach
About as wicked as they come, The Wedge exists solely to scare the living hell out of even the hardest charging adrenaline junkies out there. During winter months the wave is completely dormant, but come summertime and the big south swells, Mother Nature unleashes everything she has onto the large sandy beaches of Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Massive hollow lefts crash forcefully into the shallow water, churning the sand into the water and spitting it at anyone in its path. If you can surf here, you might find yourself in the thickest, widest barrel of your life, and then proceed to take the worst beating of your life. Unfortunately, the wave is only open to surfers very early in the morning before the lifeguards raise the “Blackball” flag, signaling no surfboards allowed. After the blackball goes up, bodysurfing, bodyboarding, and skim boarding only. While few are daring enough to surf the here, even highly experienced surfers enjoy joining the congregations on the sand to watch the ultimate carnage highlight reels unfold. 
La Jolla Shores, La Jolla
Another excellent wave for entry-level surfers, this break is located in one of the most frequently visited towns in San Diego. Rental boards and surf lessons are prevalent, and so are the crowds. But with plenty of free public parking, showers, numerous restrooms, and grassy areas, this is the perfect family surf spot. The wave is sand-bottomed and consistently small throughout the year, offering both rights and lefts. When the occasional big swell hits, overhead plus waves will show up and draw experienced surfers to the long rides. Plenty of restaurants and shopping are located nearby to entertain the whole family when out of the water. 
Terramar Point, Carlsbad
Surfing is deeply rooted into the Carlsbad culture, and the local favorite longboard spot is at Terramar Point. Located just south of the old Carlsbad Power Plant, now the Encina Power Station, reaching this wave requires either a long walk down the beach from the north, or a hike down a very long set of stairs located right in front of the wave. The main peak runs right nearly 100 yards on a decent day, and there is even a decent left if you sit further north. This spot breaks year-round, and due to the reef bottom it is rideable in knee high, or well overhead surf. Paddle out about 10 yards north of the stairs to avoid stepping on the reef, and to make it out without running into other surfers. 
Lower Trestles, San Clemente
Widely regarded as one of the premier Southern California waves, this surfing “skate park” is host to an annual World Surf League event which draws thousands of people to watch the best surfers in the world tear apart its perfectly shaped faces. This spot requires a 20-minute walk after parking your car, and there is almost always a large crowd in the water. Catching a wave here makes that well worth it, as it is quite literally a surfer’s playground. Waves break both left and right and deliver 100+ yard rides when there is a half-decent swell. Waves break year-round, but summertime south swells tend to be ideal. Even if you shy away from crowds, this wave is worth checking out just to see the local pros ripping it up. 
Swamis, Encinitas
Another right-hand point break, this wave is located right at the south end of Encinitas, a classic Southern California surf town with lots of great dining and night life. The wave is known for being one of the only breaks that can hold its own when a huge swell hits the area. When everything else is closed out, head down to Swamis with your step-up board and your guts, because you will need both. During a big swell, the waves break long and wide out the back, and gradually get steeper and hollower as the wave moves along the reef towards shore. If you are lucky enough to get a set wave out the back, you may be able to ride it for almost a minute and will definitely have a shot at pulling into the barrel on the inside bowl. This wave also breaks during small swells and is inviting enough for beginners. This spot draws a large local crowd, so remember to bring your surfing etiquette
Salt Creek, Dana Point
Salt Creek sits near the border between Laguna and Dana Point. With a large parking lot, bathrooms, showers, and other typical beach amenities, this is a perfect beach for the whole family. If you don’t take advantage of the $1 per person shuttle service, you can expect a 5-minute walk down a paved road to the huge sandy beach. The main peak delivers very playful rights and lefts, often barreling on the inside section. There are several other breaks just north of the main peak which also deliver high quality waves. While Salt Creek is often slightly crowded, most of the surfers out are laid-back local kids looking to have a good time. There are usually a handful of Wavestorms or other foam surfboards out in the lineup. With waves breaking year-round, Salt creek is excellent choice if you are looking to get into a lot of waves. 
Black’s Beach, La Jolla
One of the most recognizable and esteemed big waves in San Diego, the main peak at Black’s Beach is famous for generating huge bowly lefts often reaching double to triple overhead during large winter swells. Not for the faint of heart, reaching the wave requires dedication and planning as the hike down can last 30 minutes no matter which of the several routes you chose to take, and the paddle out can last the same depending on your ability to time the sets. Blacks is also notorious for “Canyon Sets” which break large and way outside of the crowd, cleaning up and tossing around anything in their path. Surfers skilled enough to brave the many dangers at Black’s are rewarded with some of the best surfing Southern California has to offer. Our advice, surf early to avoid the nasty late morning winds, and save some energy for the hike back to your car. 
First Point, Malibu
Maybe the most famous wave in Southern California, Malibu was featured in some of the first classic surf films and continues to make appearances in feature films shown around the world. The wave is known for its extremely long rights which are perfect for longboarding. The wave breaks all year but is primarily a summertime spot. Don’t be afraid to share waves here, as there is plenty of room on the long open faces for multiple surfers. Cruise casually and you will be rewarded with some incredibly long rides. Being one of the closest surf spots to Los Angeles, don’t be surprised when you see any of the local celebrities who frequent the wave. 
La Jolla Reefs, La Jolla
Scattered throughout one of the most ideal stretches of surfing coastline in Southern California are several premium reef breaks known to turn on during both summer and winter months and deliver some killer surf. Lefts, rights, big and mushy, fast and hollow, you can find it all if you search diligently enough. Local knowledge and relationships pay dividends if you are looking to surf some of these spots. Localism is rampant, so try to surf with someone who knows the area well. If it is your first time visiting the area, check out Windansea Beach to sample some of the glassy and playful goodness. Bring a Wavestorm if the inside whomp is breaking and you will have about as much fun as you ever had. 
Before you choose one of these spots to visit, do some research online to become familiar with the wave and other unique things you might encounter. YouTube videos can be a huge help in preparing to visit a surf spot. Surfline and MagicSeaweed also have a plethora of information on just about every piece of shoreline in California. Regardless of your experience level, remember to always be friendly to everyone in the water, and don’t forget to share waves every now and then. We are all looking for that same thrill of accelerating on a wave with a board under our feet, let’s enjoy it together.


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